Social Video Campaign for The Diner
Role: Creative and Art Director
Producers: Tiffany Jow and Adriana Gelves
Video: The Shop at Neuehouse
Graphics: 2x4
This project was intended to create excitement and awareness for a pop-up diner created by Surface Magazine, 2x4 and David Rockwell that took place during Salone del Mobile 2018 called The Diner. The history of the American diner is one of community and togetherness. It's someplace easy where you can go in and will more than likely be satisfied with your meal. We brought in the collaborators of The Diner pop-up and asked them a simple question, “What's so great about a diner?” to explore the meaning behind the project. The videos were shared weekly leading up to the main event at Salone—it created quiet the buzz. This project won a 2018 Milan Design Award for Best Engagement.