Surface Magazine
Art Director
My role as an Art Director for Surface Magazine was to manage the visual identity and execution of all creative productions—that includes print magazines, video, illustrations, photoshoots, social media, and landing pages. I was on set one day and talking to developers the next. I brought the same intense rigor to all projects no matter the size. Although the branding of Surface was in place before my arrival to the team, I was able to push and pull the creative to make it my own in implementing visual systems for the digital space and setting art direction for all illustrations and photoshoots.

My intent for the visual direction throughout all photo, video, illustration, etc. within this project was to create a clear and considered understanding of the design world as a whole. Graphic design was intentionally pared back to let the content breathe and shine—content can be informative without dismissing quality and beauty. I sought to strike a balance between a journalistic lense and a highly styled shoot. Through my work here, I strived to rise latinx and black artists in the arts world. One standout moment was having the opportunity to set Creative Direction for the September Issue featuring Dapper Dan on the cover. I hired a team made up of all people of color, which was the very first time that happened in my creative career. It should definitely be happening more.

Art Directed Illustrations and Photoshoots


Social Media Systems

Editorial Layout