Date Paper
Role: Co-Founder, Creative Director, Editorial Director 

Featured on Working Not Working and AIGA: Eye On Design
Date Paper is a non-profit quarterly publication started to make its readers more mindful of the planet and each other through a dinner date. In each publication, you’ll find recipes for a primal three course dinner and breakfast to be shared with a friend, long time lover, one time lover, lover of any kind. You'll also find a few conversation starters like comics and mindful tips. Our goal with this paper is to bring people together over a shared meal and raise funds for organizations around our community. We donate 100% of issue profits with our first issue raising funds for Farmworker Justice and our for The Hattie Carthan Community Market and Herban Farm. This is a year long project that will continue through February 2020 and has been featured on AIGA: Eye on Design and Working Not Working magazine.

We talk about food sustainability, why can’t the design strive for that as well? The broadsheet size and large illustration allows for a reader to use the paper in a number of ways. For example, as wrapping paper or as art framed to be enjoyed forever. The layout inside is designed so it is easy for a reader to cut out their favorite recipes and stick on the fridge. In addition, I strive to work with latinx artists to bring awareness to the latinx community within the art world.